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07 Feb

United States of Europe

Publié par Françoise Heyoan  - Catégories :  #Textes à méditer


How said Martin Luther King ? I have a dream that one day... the sons and the daughters of our families, whatever the country they come from, will have the passion of learning from each other. That is how I could continue Martin Luther King's thought.

Learning suppose to accept to be changed by your new knowledge, but not to lose yourself. You can learn without danger for your own personality and I think that, unhappily, a lot of persons believe the contrary.

Whenever I travel with young pupils to an european country, we come back, they and I, with the deep feeling that if we had not, we had lost a luck to be magnified by such an experience.

To be magnified by the lucky meeting of magnificent persons...

I keep behind my dazzled eyes such meetings, and I will never be able to forget them.

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